Physiotherapy After Disc Surgery

Physiotherapy After Disc Surgery

There will be a number of ways to relieve the pain after disc surgery and at the beginning the main one will be medication.  This will probably be needed for the time that you are in hospital.  Once this form of pain relief is being wound down it will be necessary to start physiotherapy.  This is not something that the patient will be left to carry out a workout programme on their own and there will be a number of visits to the physiotherapist to help organise physiotherapy after disc surgery.

It is very likely that you will be up and about two days after the surgery and tests will be made to see if you can manage to look after yourself at home. There are things that will be difficult to do in the first week and it may be that the patient will not be aware of this. Walking up and down stairs and getting in and out of bed is going to be hard and painful and for this reason there will be physiotherapy sessions put into place.

Types of Physiotherapy after Disc Surgery

When you have left the hospital you will be given an appointment to visit the out patients department and it is at this stage that the type of exercises to carry out will be reviewed. When you first leave there will be some fairly basic ones explained to you and you will be able to do these to give yourself some relief. After six weeks you will visit the outpatients department and quite often the next step will be a course of physiotherapy. This is something that you should agree to even if the pain seems to have gone away.

The back is very complex and without being strong the problems can come back. For a while it will clearly be tender and once this goes away the muscles need to be built up again. If the muscles are weak they will not be able to give the spine and discs the sort of support they need and the discs also need to be in the correct place or the problems will start all over again.

Finding Physiotherapy after Disc Surgery

The hospital that carried out the surgery will arrange for you to visit their physiotherapist but it could be the case that there is a waiting list and it may be better to look for your own physiotherapist. If you have medical cover it will be easy to find one to help you right away and there will not be a cost. If however you are not covered it is very unlikely that the National Health Service will pay for private treatment so you could be looking at a fairly substantial bill.

Once you have full relief you will surely not regret paying for this treatment and there is also the added bonus of knowing you are giving yourself the best possible chance of not needing more surgery. Sadly physiotherapy after disc surgery does not guarantee there will be no need for further treatment.