Medication After Disc Surgery

Medication After Disc Surgery

The time that it will take to recover from disc surgery will vary and can be anything from a few weeks to a possibility of 12 months and if there is still pain after three months there may be the need to look at various other forms of treatment.  Medication after disc surgery is a foregone conclusion for the first few days but after that it will depend on the individual.  As the body has been cut open it is understandable that pain killers will be needed for the first few days.

Before undergoing the operation it may be best to discuss the mediation after disc surgery that you think you may need.  You will know better than most people what sort of a pain threshold you have so if you are expecting to need painkillers for longer than three days it could be possible that other forms of relief are looked for.

Knowing What to Expect

It will be a good idea to meet the doctor and discuss what your options are as there is a choice when it comes to arranging medication after disc surgery. It is best to make the discussions two ways so once you have explained your pain threshold it will be best to get the surgeons honest view about the amount of pain you can expect. Once you know what to expect this could take some of the fear away. You know there is going to be pain so if you also know what can be done you can be prepared. It has been proved that in the PCA system it is very likely that the patient will take less medication than they would if there was a set round as knowing that the next dose is close at hand will mean they do not just take the medication when it is handed to them.

If you have the discussion beforehand the surgeon may decide that a PCA – patient controlled analgesic may be best. This gives you more control over how you manage the pain. This way it is possible for the person who has had the operation to decide how much pain relief they need at a time. There is a limit set by the professionals so there cannot be an overdose, but it does mean that a little extra can be administered at the time it is most needed. While in hospital this will be passed over via a PCA pump.

Methods to Combine With Medication after Disc Surgery

In some cases the patient will want to use a different method of pain relief. This could be as well as or instead of medication but whatever makes you feel better is worth a try. There will obviously be exercises but before that happens you can try things such as relaxation techniques. Breathing through the pain will help and finding a comfortable position to sit will also give relief. This can normally be found by placing a cushion in the small of the back.