Pain After Disc Surgery

Pain After Disc Surgery

Having a problem with a disc can be a painful experience and it will be a while before the pain will go away. If the non-surgical treatment methods do not work then there will need to be surgery performed. After years of acting like a shock absorber it is understandable that the discs in your back can become damaged and this lead to pain.

There are ways to treat the problem without surgery such as anti-inflammatory tablets and plenty of bed rest, but if the injury is as a result of years of wear and tear it is more than likely that the only solution is going to be surgery.

The Reason for Pain after Disc Surgery

One of the main reasons for pain after disc surgery is the fact that the body is cut open. This will need to be dealt with before the pain of the actual disc and even after surgery there is the chance that the pain will not go away. It should be possible to sleep the first night with the help of medication and by the third night sleep should come easily without tablets. The operation cannot however repair the disc if it has been damaged.

For many patients there will still be some pain after disc surgery. It may often be nowhere near as much as there was before but there will be a need to exercise and slowly ease the body back to near normality. The surgery can take a great deal of time to recover from and with a nerve procedure the process will take longer. Nerves do not grow very quickly - in fact only one mm a week so as can be imagined progress will be slow.

Some patients feel pain for longer than they need to as the posture is not right. The small of the back will need support and if there is going to be a long car journey it will be best to recline the seat as much as possible. It will also be best to leave the driving to others for a while

Some patients do not sit correctly and if they lean forward too much this will pull on the operation site and this can have a detrimental effect on the scar tissue. There is often pain after disc surgery because the muscles in the back are not built up enough in the weeks afterwards. Swimming will help combat this and should eventually take away most of the pain.

A Few Tips Regarding Pain after Disc Surgery

Don’t try to do too much too soon as this could set back the recovery. It is best to have the wound checked to make sure it does not become inflamed or infected. As you should have someone around to help around the house for a week or so they should be able to check the condition of the operation site out for you. Once you return home there should only be a small amount of pain and in reality the pain after disc surgery should be limited to an odd twinge from time to time.