Disc Surgery Remedies

Disc Surgery Remedies

By the time you are about to undergo disc surgery it is very likely that all other methods have been tried to reduce the pain and problems the dodgy disc has caused.  The disc will have begun to reach into the spinal canal and once it reaches the nerve there will be an immense amount of pain felt.  It is not a case that this will start and then stop and very rarely if ever will the disc just move back the way it came so once you start to feel the pain it will be time to visit the doctor to find a remedy.  There are a lot of disc surgery remedies and some can happen before surgery and some will take place afterwards.

Types of Disc Surgery Remedies

Before the disc surgery remedies are carried out there will have been a number of non-evasive options tried. Surgery will always be a last option for many problems and when the spine is involved it will be the case even more so. As well as the damage that could happen to the nerves that would eventually lead to paralysis there is the risk of catching an infection and this unfortunately seems to be something that is happening in all hospitals nowadays

Bulging disc surgery is something that will only be tried after months of other treatment. It will not be the case that each method will be tried for a couple of days and then another one tried. It is likely that there will be pain for some months before surgery. The most popular form of bulging disc surgery is a discectomy. This is where the surgeon will remove the part of the disc that has begun to bulge and this will mean that there will not be any further pressure on the nerve.

It may seem that removing part of the disc is not going to be such a large procedure but when you take into account the fact that there are the vertebrae either above or below the damaged disc, this is also a procedure that needs to be carried out with exact precision. It is clear that disc surgery remedies need to be performed very carefully.

Another type of disc surgery remedies that will be carried out is a lumber disc fusion. In this procedure at least two vertebrae will be fused and this is the operation that seems to be the most effective when it comes to solving pain. There is however a downside to this operation and that is the fact that the disc or the vertebrae could weaken and therefore there will need to be a further procedure in the future.

The Final of the Disc Surgery Remedies

A further option will be to totally remove the damaged disc. It is possible to have a replacement disc put in and this synthetic disc will not deteriorate in the same way that a normal one will. This is normally the last attempt at surgery and will only be carried out when the other disc surgery remedies have all been found to fail.