Disc Surgery Recovery Time

Disc Surgery Recovery Time

After possibly years of pain and discomfort, finally undergoing surgery for a problem disc can be a relief.  It is however important to make sure that the recovery is taken seriously and the patient does not try to get back to normal right away.  The disc surgery recovery time will be different for each individual but as an estimate it will normally take somewhere in the region of 4 to 6 weeks.

Regardless of how long it is going to take the two things that will be recommended will be painkillers and moderate exercise.  Once the disc is back in place the pain will subside as it will no longer be pressing on a nerve.

Recovery Time after Disc Surgery

Considering that the symptoms can have been so painful the recovery time after a disc operation will only be a few weeks. In most cases the patient is well enough to go back to work six weeks later. This six week period will only apply however if there operation goes well and there are no complications. There can even be occasions when the operation does not work so it will have to be carried out again. In cases such as this it can be worse as there will be no relief felt and there will also be the pain from the operation.

There are a number of reasons why the operation will not be considered a success and these will increase the disc surgery recovery time. The first is a common problem with all forms of surgery and this is an infection. Before the treatment can continue as normal this will have to be cleared up. The ability to carry out the exercises will also have an effect on the recovery time after disc surgery. If they seem easy to do and there is little pain it won’t take long before the patient is well on the road to recovery.

Problems with Disc Surgery Recovery Time

In some cases there is nerve damage and this is going to mean that the treatment will take much longer to be sorted out. This will prolong the disc surgery recovery time and in some cases may prevent total recovery altogether. The disc may no longer be pressing on the nerve but it will always ache due to this damage. In some cases there will be excessive bleeding and while this will be something that needs to be dealt with it should not have a detrimental effect on recovery time.

A more worrying result will be dysesthesia and it is hoped that this will be a temporary affliction as if the feeling does not return there could be a great deal of damage caused during the recovery exercises without the patient knowing it. In cases such as this there will be a greater recovery time needed as this issue needs to be dealt with first. It can also be painful and lead to a tingling feeling and the main way to treat this is to wait to see how the condition moves on. It is hard to deal with something that can be signified by lack of feeling and tingling.