Private Disc Surgery

Private Disc Surgery

Surgery is a procedure that many associate with complicated and advanced diseases or with those complications that are life threatening, creating a fear amongst most.  Enhancing this apprehension towards surgery are the risks that are present during the procedure and the complications that may arise afterwards.  However, under the private care of a professional doctor and effective medical personnel, surgery is one of the most efficient ways of treating conditions and diseases that ail people’s bodies.  One of the recent surgical procedures in the orthopaedic world that has rapidly gained popularity is artificial disc replacement.

Private Disc Surgery for Degenerative Disc Disease

Spinal fusion surgery is a surgical procedure that is a treatment method for degenerative disc disease. The name degenerative disc disease is a misnomer. This is not actually a disease but a condition whereby due to the effects of aging on the body, the discs in people’s spines become weak and frigid causing a lot of pain mostly in the lower back and in the neck areas. This pain is so severe in some people that it disables them from doing daily chores let alone enjoying simple pleasures such as swimming or riding a bicycle. Degenerative disc disease (DDD) can also be treated using artificial disc replacement. Both are available through private disc surgery.

Who Should Undergo Private Disc Surgery?

However, one should note that not all persons who suffer from back and neck pains are eligible to undergo surgery. Interestingly, most adults do experience back and neck pains but only a very small percentage undergoes private disc surgery. Despite the severity of the pain, there are certain conditions that one must fulfil before he can be considered a potential candidate for surgery:

  • You are unable to perform daily activities due to the pain despite the non-surgical methods of treatment you have tried in the past.
  • You have willingly engaged in non-surgical treatment for at least six months compounded with active-based physical rehabilitation.
  • You are experiencing constant and disabling pain and have not yet been able to control it.

If you exhibit all of the above conditions and have acceptance from your doctor, then get prepared to undergo private disc surgery. The above mentioned surgical methods, though treating the same condition, are quite different as far as the actual procedure is involved. The spinal fusion surgery which is the most common and widely practiced of the two is a lengthy and complicated procedure. It involves fusion of two bones in the spine usually carried out with other spine surgical procedures such as a laminectomy. Artificial disc replacement surgery on the other hand is a new yet most effective procedure. The surgeon as the name suggests replaces the worn out disc with one made of metal and polyethylene.

Depending on your age, symptoms and the type of pain you experience, you doctor will advise on which private disc surgery to undergo. Some of the renowned surgeons in this field are Ian Shackleford in Warrington, Khai Iam in London and Michael Gravett in Nottingham.