Disc Surgery Information

Disc Surgery Information

Whenever we hear the word surgery, there is a chance that we clam up and want to immediately run away and hide.  In the case of back injuries, this feeling can be even more powerful because some of the most important parts of the nervous system are situated in our spine.  It serves as the cornerstone for posture and motion as well as mobility in the legs and waist.  However, there are times when surgery is needed and can make a positive and significant impact on our lives through eradicating or lessoning pain.  Disc surgery treats various ailments in the discs between our vertebrae which make up the spine itself.  These are important accessories to the spine.

What Do Discs Do?

Discs are mostly responsible for protection and movement. They are part of a simple and very effective structure that protects the nerves and the spinal cord that runs down the inside of the back. They tend to be quite tough on the outside and have a soft, squishy centre. However, more importantly than anything else, these discs are responsible for taking care of the spine by absorbing the high levels of shock and impact that affect it with even the most basic of movements. They promote movement because they are somewhat flexible serve as a joint for bones in the spine. In the same way that a car would fall apart without its shock absorbers, so the discs keep the vertebrae intact.

Why Would I Need Disc Surgery?

Generally, disc surgery is saved until all other options have been used. With every surgery there is some level of risk and it is important to know that surgery often brings complications. However, there are some instances where it is a must to improve excessive pain. The discs are prone to three main ailments. The first of these is a called a herniated disc. A herniated disc refers to discs that are “slipped”. You will often hear people speaking about having a slipped disc in the back. This means that the disc is slightly out of place. In most cases this can be treated by taking strain of the back and physical rest. In other instances, you may find that your disc has bulged. Here surgery is usually an option in an attempt to make the disc slightly smaller and relieve pain.

Disc Surgery IS a Last Resort

Overall, disc surgery is a last resort and usually used to treat patients who are in serious or chronic pain. This pain can often cause them to have a lack of mobility. Also, the fact that the spinal cord is being irritated can lead to numbness in certain parts of the lower body and in the shoulders as well. You will see that most people with disc problems are unable to walk, especially for long periods of time and in cases where there has been sudden pressure on the spine, they may have to be assisted in getting to the doctor or chiropractor. Disc surgery is an option for pain relief in serious cases.