Disc Surgery Costs

Disc Surgery Costs

When it comes to having an operation on the spine the National Health Service will be prepared to carry out the surgery.  It is however a procedure that will give very quick relief and as a result there will be the desire to have it carried out as soon as possible.  This is where there could be a problem with the NHS as there could be a waiting list.  It is not very likely that this procedure will be considered an emergency so you will be put on the waiting list.  As a result you may wish to look for a private place to have the procedure done and so will be looking at disc surgery costs.

What are the Disc Surgery Costs?

If you have private medical insurance then it could be that you could have your operation carried out straight away as part of your policy. If you do not then it is very likely that you are going to have to foot the bill yourself. It will be best to shop around a little if you are not tied to a particular provider as disc surgery costs a different amount depending on the clinic used.

Most clinics will not provide a cost for the surgery unless you contact them directly. They will want to know all about your history and what sort of aftercare you are likely to need. BUPA will not give a price but they do promise that if you put your details through their website then they will find the best price for you. It is believed that the cost of a replacement disc operation will cost in the region of £25,000 to perform. It could be however be that the clinic will then add onto that price to allow for a further profit.

As with many procedures now there are clinics abroad and it will be very good value to visit them. Just because the disc surgery cost is less than it will be in the United Kingdom there is no need to worry that the services are going to be worse. It will of course be best to check out the hospital before you use it but many patients who have been would be glad to recommend their particular clinic.

Disc Surgery Costs Abroad

Germany is a country that is popular when it comes to providing spine surgery at a reasonable price Examples of these prices are:

  • Spinal fusion – in the UK this will cost in the region of £20,000 while to have the procedure carried out in Germany it will be £13,000.

The disc surgery costs include the stay in hospital so while there will be travel and hotel accommodation to add on there will still be a saving.

India is a lot cheaper where the prices can be:-

  • Spinal fusion – in the UK this will cost in the region of £20,000 while to have the procedure carried out in India will cost £5,000.

Here the costs for travel will be more expensive and also the very long journey may make this an unrealistic option.

American is another popular place and is known for having the best disc surgery clinics available worldwide. It all depends on your budget and your preferences as to what you choose.