Choosing Correct Treatment For Disc Surgery

Choosing Correct Treatment For Disc Surgery

There are a number of different procedures that can be carried out to give relief from disc pain.  There are a number of conditions that will be evident and the need to cure these may have an impact when it comes to choosing the correct treatment for disc surgery.  Pain will be an important thing to stop but if you are suffering from bowel or bladder weakness this may be having a worse effect on your life than the pain would be.

There are many things that can be tried before an operation will take place. There are exercises that can help and a physiotherapist can relieve some of the pain. Drugs will obviously help but there may be a stage when everything else has been tried and in reality the only step left is an operation. It is well worth trying all the other methods as this will buy you time and you will not rush when it comes to choosing correct treatment for disc surgery.

Things to Consider When Choosing Correct Treatment For Disc Surgery

There are many things that will need to be considered and this will not just be around the level of pain or difficult symptoms. The age and gender of the patient has to be considered and also the impact that surgery could have on their life. Some operations are more invasive than others and this may cause a problem if there needs to be a long recovery time. For others the problem will arise if the job is only half done and then a few years later they are in the same position and need to go under the knife a second time.

When it comes to choosing correct treatment for disc surgery the main person who will be able to help is the surgeon. They may offer non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to help with the pain and if the main problem is pressure form a swollen disc this will be a good course to take.

Options When Choosing Correct Treatment for Disc Surgery.

There are however times when it is not just a swelling and pain and it is then that other procedures need to be considered.

  • Discectomy – here the whole disc is removed and afterwards there is normally less pain felt and on many occasions that will be the end of the problem. The disc has gone so can’t hurt anymore.
  • Laminectomy – here the thickened tissue can be taken as well as the lamina that is connected to the injured vertebrae.
  • Laminotomy – this could well be the safest as it is the least invasive and the pressure is removed as a result of the spinal canal being opened. There will be less recovery time and no need to go to the hospital as it can be carried out at an out patients clinic.

There should be plenty of information around when it comes to choosing correct treatment for disc surgery and all should be considered before the choice is made.