Mayo Clinic Disc Surgery

Mayo Clinic Disc Surgery

Many of us will experience some form of back problems in the course of our lifetime.  Some of us, however, are very unfortunate and will suffer from what is known as a “slipped disc”.  This is a very painful condition whereby a disc in the spine leaks fluids.  Although regularly treatable with non-invasive procedures, including rest and physiotherapy, one in ten cases need to be treated through a surgical procedure in a hospital or clinic.  The Mayo Clinic Disc Surgery is a centre that has a specialised department for spinal and back problems.

What is the Mayo Clinic Disc Surgery?

The Mayo Clinic is a not for profit, worldwide leader in medical care, medical research and medical education. Their philosophy is that the needs of the patient come first and medical professionals from every speciality work together to achieve that. The Mayo Clinic will always endeavour to use surgery only as a last resort for the treatment of slipped, herniated or bulging discs. They will offer medications and therapy as a first solution, only moving on to surgery if all other avenues have been proven unsuccessful.

Surgeries Performed at Mayo Clinic Disc Surgery

Should it be determined that surgery is the best option for your disc problem, the Mayo Clinic Institute Disc Surgery will be able to treat you in a way that is the least invasive as possible. Most people will have their disc problem resolved by having only the protruding portion of the disc removed. In rare cases, the entire disc will need removing and the vertebrae will need fusing together with metal hardware in order to stabilise the spine. These treatments are all available at the Mayo Clinic Institute Disc Surgery.

As disc surgery is often a procedure that is required to ensure a fulfilling lifestyle, costs are often covered by your private health insurance. However, it is your own responsibility to ensure you are covered and to what level.

Locations of the Mayo Clinic Disc Surgery

Like many excellent medical institutions, the Mayo Clinic Disc Surgery is located in the United States. The clinics are based in three locations across the country, being:

  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Rochester, Minnesota
  • Scottsdale, Arizona

It is obvious that if you should be unfortunate enough to suffer from a spinal disc problem that requires surgical treatment, you will be in very safe hands in the Mayo Clinic Disc Surgery. They pride themselves on their fantastic patient care and patient involvement, meaning you will be fully involved and informed with you consultation, treatment and after-care. Their surgeons are all well trained and the Mayo Clinic Disc Surgery is a worldwide leader in the field of health care and health care training, meaning you will be seen by the best of the best. As all their professionals work together to ensure that your needs, as a patient, are met in the best possible and inclusive way, you can rest assured that your treatment and your spine will be in the safest, most caring hands.