City Chiropractic Clinic Disc Surgery

City Chiropractic Clinic Disc Surgery

Having a slipped disc can truly render you disabled.  It is known to be an extremely painful condition that can cause loss of mobility, among other things.  Often, it can be treated with rest, medication and different forms of physiotherapy.   However, in at least one in ten of the cases, surgery to either remove or improve the disc is necessary.  Surgery should always been seen as a last option, and many people feel a chiropractic treatment, whereby the spine is realigned through a variety of procedures such as massage and manipulation, is a safe option and one that should be a first port of call.  Chiropractors have regained a good reputation as being a reputable medical profession, very different from the initial “bone crackers” they were first known as.  Chiropractors are well trained and have extensive knowledge of the spine and issues relating to bones, muscles and nerves so you will be in very safe hands.

What is the City Chiropractic Clinic Disc Surgery?

The City Chiropractic Clinic Disc Surgery clinic has been providing high quality health care in relation to back problems for over 20 years. They pride themselves on offering a warm welcome and excellent patient care, ensuring you are both involved and educated on the treatment you will be receiving. Before deciding on any procedure, they will offer you an extensive consultation and physical examination, followed by X-rays, EMG and thermal tests. Following this, they will report their findings with you before moving onto the treatment that is most relevant to your condition.

Surgeries Performed at the City Chiropractic Clinic Disc Surgery

If your condition is accepted, the City Chiropractic Clinic Disc Surgery will offer you a tailor made programme that includes gentle and safe chiropractic adjustments. There are a variety of different techniques available depending on the adjustment you require. These techniques include ice, heat, traction, exercise, massage, orthopaedic support, postural and ergonomic training. This means that once your procedure has been completed, you will have been made aware of life-style changes you can make in posture and seating that will prevent the problem from reoccurring.

With the City Chiropractic Clinic Disc Surgery, insurance processing and payment plans are available. You will be responsible for checking the details of this and arranging payment plans should you choose for that option.

Location of the City Chiropractic Clinic Disc Surgery

Like many great health care providers, the City Chiropractic Clinic Disc Surgery is based in the United States. Their offices are located in the beautiful historic Jackson Tower Building in Portland, Oregon.

So, if you are suffering from disc related problems, you can be sure that you will be in safe and capable hands at the City Chiropractic Clinic Disc Surgery. They offer a tailor made chiropractic solution to your back problem, that is based on extensive consultation and research. You will also be educated on adjustments you can make following your procedure to ensure the problem will not be a recurrent one. Rest assured that your spine is in safe hands with City Chiropractic Clinic Disc Surgery.