DISC Sports and Spine Centre Disc Surgery

DISC Sports and Spine Centre Disc Surgery

Some people are unfortunate enough to suffer from a slipped disc.  This is a very painful condition and approximately one in ten cases of slipped discs will need surgery in order to rectify the problem.  A slipped disc, basically, is a rupture in one of the discs in your back, causing the gel inside to leak out.  This causes tremendous pain in the back but often also in other areas of the body.

What is the DISC Sports & Spine Centre Disc Surgery?

The DISC Sports & Spine Centre is the official medical services provider of the US Olympic team. They will endeavour to find the most suitable solution for your disc problems, using surgery only as a last resort. Their surgical centre is one of the most technically advanced centres in the United States and they pride themselves on providing an environment in which the patient is undisturbed and exposed to the least amount of stress. They have very high nurse to patient ratios (1:2) and this is one of their main selling points as far as providing excellent patient care. Naturally, they are also committed to reducing infection and have stringent health and safety procedures in place.

Procedures they offer are:

  • Spinal care
  • Orthopaedics
  • Pain Management
  • Soft Tissue Centre
  • Surgical Centre
  • Pinnacle Performance

They involve their new and existing patients in the development of services, ensuring that they are fully aware of what is happening and what treatment they are receiving, as well as enabling them to live normal lives following their procedures. They both diagnose and treat sports and spine conditions.

Surgeries Performed at DISC Sports & Spine Centre Disc Surgery

DISC Sports & Spine Centre Disc Surgery offers different types of surgery, and their surgeons each have specific areas of expertise. Their surgeons not only specialise in orthopaedic and spine surgery, but also in pain management. As far as possible, DISC Sports & Spine Centre Disc Surgery will always try to undertake procedures that are as non-intrusive as possible, using advanced arthroscopic and endoscopic techniques.

Prices with DISC Sports & Spine Centre Disc Surgery will depend on the type of treatment you require and can be covered by your UK insurance company if the surgery is covered by your policy.

Location of DISC Sports & Spine Centre Disc Surgery

DISC Sports & Spine Centre Disc Surgery have two centres in California, one being in Marina Del Ray and the other being in Beverley Hills.

So, if you are unfortunate enough to have suffered from a slipped disc that will require a surgical procedure to improve, you can be sure that you will receive excellent care with DISC Sports & Spine Centre Disc Surgery. They will ensure that a surgical procedure is used only as a last resort, and that it will be as non-intrusive is possible. Their team of surgeons is highly trained and capable and their patient care, both before and after any procedure, is second to none.