Ruptured Disc Surgery

Ruptured Disc Surgery

A ruptured disc is a condition common among a certain group of people.  Once you reach 30 years of age you are susceptible to getting a ruptured disc and this risk increases with age.  A study has shown that men are twice as likely to get a ruptured disc than women.  This happens when the disc ruptures and the gel that is inside of it leaks out.  This can lead to an increased pressure placed upon the spinal nerves or on the spinal cord itself.  In turn, this can lead to back pain along with other symptoms like numbness and muscle weakness.

What is Ruptured Disc Surgery?

People that experience pain in their back have a few steps to go through before resorting to surgery. First off, they should not do any kind of activity that places a physical strain on the back. In some cases, a few days of rest is all that it takes to treat the back pain. If that does not work then you could try physical therapy as well as take anti-inflammatory drugs along with painkillers.

When all of this shows no improvement then the best course of action is surgery. In order to treat the pain the surgeon will have to reach the ruptured disc and cut a piece of it out in order to take the pressure off the nerves and stop the back pain. This is usually done with an open discectomy. This procedure involves reaching the spine through an incision in the back and taking out part of the disc that is causing the pain. Sometimes the disc is cut out and replaced with an artificial one during a procedure called prosthetic intervertebral disc replacement.

Ruptured Disc Surgery Procedure

Whatever the method that the surgeon prefers, the goal is to remove part of the ruptured disc and alleviate the pressure that is acting on the spinal nerves. To do this he will usually perform an open discectomy. First the patient is placed under anaesthesia, which can be local or general depending on where the ruptured disc is located. After that he will make an incision in the back so he can reach the spine. After going past all of the different layers of tissue and muscle the surgeon reaches the ruptured disc. Here he will cut out a piece of it in order to permit the disc to stay attached without applying unnecessary pressure on the spinal cord. Lastly, there can be a prosthetic placed inside or not. Either way the remaining discs will start fusing together.

Costs of Ruptured Disc Surgery

This procedure is covered by NHS. However, if the patient wishes to use a private clinic then that will cost him around £15,000 for the operation. Only respectable clinics should be used that have staff and surgeons with experience and a good reputation. Clinics like Ramsay Health Care and Nuffield Health are good options when opting to go private.

If you have a ruptured disc do not panic. Consult a medic and together plan out the best course of action based on your current levels of back pain. Even if you go with surgery, know that it is safe with a high success rate.